The Dazzler Blog is about our work on algorithms and software for DNA sequence assembly, specifically for next, next gen long-read sequencers such as the Sequel and MinIon sequencers.  The team and potential authors of posts consist for the moment of:

  1. myself Gene Myers, a director and Tschira Chair of Systems Biology at the Max-Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBG) in Dresden, Germany.
  2. German Tischler and Fabio Cunial, post docs in my group.
  3. Martin Pippel, staff bioinformatician, again in my group.

At this time our work is funded by the Max-Planck Society and we have three operational Sequel sequencers at the “DRESDEN-Concept Sequencing Center” where many genomes are being sequenced as part of the Vertebrate Genome ProjectThe sequence center is under the leadership of Andreas Dahl (Center for Regenerative Therapies, TU Dresden) and Sylke Winkler (MPI-CBG).

At this blog we will post about our insights on the assembly problem and algorithms for facets of the problem (Musings), descriptions and links to releases or updates of software modules (Releases), and about the performance of modules or a particular assembly result for a given genome (Results).

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